Most products are shipped through USPS, however, with some larger items other services may be used. Products are carefully packaged before shipping. While most of our items include free shipping, larger products or destinations towards the west coast may include a shipping fee. Any additional fees will be confirmed with the purchaser before completion of the order. Most products outside of custom orders are shipped within 7 days, however some items can take longer as everything is handmade and not always in stock. Any delays are relayed to the purchaser.


I like to be as green as possible to do my part in keeping our earth happy. Not only do I reuse a lot of materials to create my products, but I also reuse some packing materials. After all its just a box. 


I do accept returns due to defects. If a product is received and does not perform as intended, replacement components can be provided or send it back for a replacement or refund. As a lot of products are custom pieces returns for unwanted products or custom orders. 


I accept credit cards and PayPal. If another payment method is preferred please contact me prior to your order and I will try to accommodate. 


Want to order a high quantity of my products? Not a problem! Depending on quantity required and the specific product, discounts are possible.