These custom made bookends/shelf brackets are made from the rear drive chain gear or sprocket gear of motorcycles. Most sprockets are new, however, some are used and are cleaned during assembly. 


The shelf brackets will come with predrilled holes. The bookends will come with a bottom piece protruding from vertical side to be used properly as bookends.


These are sold as a pair! Please note the sprocket used for the pair will match, but each sprocket pair may differ than what is shown as far as design. If you would like multiple matching pairs, please note this so I can do so.


If you need a specific size predrilled hole for your wall hardware or shelf, please note this.


These come raw and clear coated, black, white, silver, red, orage, yellow, blue, gray, hammered black, and hammered gray. Different colors can be requested.

Motorcycle Sprocket Bookends/Brackets

  • Bookends and shelf brackets are made from steel that is approx 2-2.5" wide. Note that due to sprocket sizes, when ordering larger sized brackets or bookends, the sprocket piece will look much smaller in contrast to the overall bracket. I now offer flex plate gear brackets that are much larger, giving a similar ratio to the ones shown.