Our Piston Lamps are created from a variety of pistons. Some come from Harlery's, some from Hondas, and some from cars like the vintage MGTD. The lamp head angle is adjustable, as the neck bends and twists.


Our lamps will vary in the pistion used and base created as well. Each one is unique and no 2 exact lamps have been made. We offer a gear type base, round metal base, combinations of both, some with wood bases under the metal bases, and plenty of inbetween. 


Lamp approximate size is 6"W x 12-16"T and the piston can be left Raw, polished, or painted. 


Please send a message with your order for the color of the piston, round or flat top piston, and if youd prefer a wood base. If a wood base is desired please indicate the color - oak, cherry, red chest nut, walnut, or ebony. 

Custom Piston Desk Lamp