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See our past and upcoming projects. While we have a number of products we sell online and ship, we also complete unique pieces and custom orders. Most of these pieces are large or heavy. We can ship these as well, though shipping varies greatly from east coast to west coast. In order to provide the best service and lowest cost, large items are shipped on a piece by piece basis. 


If you are interested in purchasing, the pieces below may be available or a similar one can be created.

Our handmade vendor shelving units. We use these to display our products when on the road at different events! While we are based out of Lansing, MI we travel all over Michigan and have some very cool upcoming events this summer! Check out our FB and Insta for updates on new and upcoming products, promotions, and events we will be at! Follow the links at the bottom of the page. 

"Waterfall" Live Edge Table


Given its name due to the waterfall like flow of the wood grain. We took a piece of lumber, then cut and rejoined it at a 90 degree angle so the grain matches well as it falls over the edge. Hand crafted 2nd leg from square tubing.

This was a bench that we restored for a friend. Passed down through his family, the wood slats were rotted and the Iron sides in need of some cleaning and paint. Red oak was used for the wood slats and stained to a deep red to contrast the black iron legs. 

We havent come up with a cool name for this table yet, but with style like that it probably doesnt need one. A live edge and very thick slab, stained a deep red to show the slight burl in the grain. Held up with a simple 3 legged base, so your attention is drawn to the beautiful top. 

A live edge slab coffee table with slim solid stock legs. The live edges were stained a deep red before using a satin gloss to protect the beautiful grain on top.

Easily one of our more popular pieces. This clock was made from a ring gear, and red oak for the clock face. 

The "Revolver Table". Named after the table top resembling the chamber of a revolver. It is fitted with a glass top and sits at bar height. 

Live edge table created from cherry wood. Stained and sealed with a satin laquer finish. The legs are custom made from steel round stock and flat stock, and painted a dark brown.

Repurposed radiators, made into benches with thick oak slabs. Stained with a sunburst finish, and sealed with a satin lacquer. These benches were created for a PC Office in Cold Water, MI.

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